Below is a list of National retailers who are violating our Privacy and Health/Safety by participating in Contact Tracing in-store.

ADD a Violating National RETAILER to This List

Restaurants/Food Take-out:
Restaurants have different conditions of entry than retail shops. They are required to do full Contact Tracing by the COVID-19 Level-2 guidelines. Retail stores do not.

We feel that even though that is so, it is still a violation to us.

This website is to list the retail shops, but seeing how many food-related submissions we are getting, we may look at this further and will keep your submissions on file.

If you own/control one of the businesses on this list
and you want to be removed from the list, you will need to provide a PUBLIC STATEMENT (which is also published on your corporate website) that your entire organization in New Zealand no longer participates in this scheme. You can Contact Us for removal. Please provide us with your published and verifiable phone number.

National Retailers

AA (New Zealand Automobile Association)
What is odd here is that they would already have your contact details as each of their transactions requires it. They are simply blocking entry to their store unnecessarily.

Verified Alternates: The Pet Centre

Verified Alternates:

Verified Alternates:

Verified Alternate: Mitre-10 Mega

Cotton On
Verified Alternate: 

Verified Alternate:

Hardy's Health Store
Verified Alternate:

Health 2000
Verified Alternate: 
Some local stores are no longer doing Contact Tracing. Check the Green List.

Ideal Electrical
Verified Alternate: 

Verified Alternate:  Mitre-10 Mega

J A Russell
Verified Alternate: 

Mitre 10
Note: It seems that the smaller Mitre 10 stores are doing things individually. Some are, some are not. The ones who are will be listed in the Local Stores section.
Verified Alternate: 

New World
Note: New World Masterton may also be using some type of facial recognition system, "as they ask you to remove all hats, sunglasses etc to aid in contact tracing."
Verified Alternate: Farmer's market stallholders, Countdown, and Pak n Save

Noel Leeming
Verified Alternate:

NZ Post Shops
Verified Alternate:  Post centres in small markets, like 4Square, seem to be fine.

NZ Safety
Verified Alternate:

Paper Plus
Verified Alternate:

Verified Alternate: Mitre 10 Mega

Postie Plus
Verified Alternate: The Warehouse

Verified Alternates: Supercheap Auto

Salvation Army Op Shop
Verified Alternates:

Verified Alternates:

Verified Alternates:

Toy World
Verified Alternates:

Uncle Bill's
Note: People are telling us that now, individual Uncle Bill's shops are no longer forcing the contact tracing on customers. That is a good change.
Verified Alternates: Ajays

Unichem Chemist
Verified Alternates:

Vodafone retail store
Verified Alternates:

Verified Alternates:

Verified Alternates: Edit Clothing