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 This started here on the first day of Level 2.

You could not go into a STORE, Post Shop, mall, unless you scan in the QR code posted outside with the contact tracing app, your phone camera, or sign a register (where your name, address, and phone details are visible to everybody), and in some cases (people are telling us), have your photo taken.

The retailers told us that they are NOT ALLOWED TO SELL TO YOU if you don't comply and you could not be in their store without doing so.

No app scan, no entry, no purchase [no food].

Not all stores have done this.

Bunnings is forcing you to do it, but Mitre-10 has not started yet. 

Even our local liquor store has it.

By the way, this is NOT the $65Million Contact Tracing app that the government has made, this is an existing web-based contact app from EvaCheckin.

There is something oddly Biblical about this...hmmm.

New Zealand has "flattened the curve" and lost its Democracy.

Socialism in New Zealand, isn't.

Many people think that Socialism, as preached by the Labour Party, is all about 'free stuff' and government handouts. Not true.

"Helping people in need" has been practised by societies for thousands of years. It is called CHARITY and is the hallmark of civilised societies. 

How Socialism twists that compassionate act is that it FORCES EVERY PERSON in society to give money (through higher taxes) to support people WHO DON'T WANT TO WORK or CONTRIBUTE to SOCIETY. 

The other aspect of Socialism that has now reared its head here in New Zealand is the Socialist's unbridled quest for CONTROL of the population, and ultimate legislative POWER, at any cost.

The COVID-19 Public Health Response Bill that was just enacted gives the government, and particularly the PM, unprecedented Police powers and control over the entire nation...without your consent:

  • The PM can dictate when and where you can go places and do things (like go to church, play sports).
  • The Police can now enter your house WITHOUT a warrant.
  • The PM/Health Director can FORCE you to undergo medical testing procedures at any time.
  • You or your children can be forcibly removed from your family, for 'your safety'.
  • The original bill was to be in power for two years. Now that has been changed to "when COVID-19 is 'finished'", which may be never.

Please understand that the GOAL of Socialism is Communism –– where the State owns everything. With the economic collapse of the lockdown and foreclosures and bankruptcies to follow, the final goal of this current government is close at hand.

We allowed this to happen by MMP. Only 36% of the voters voted for Labour. 

Time to turn this around.

Let's UNDO this.

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